Digital Leadership Education

Structured education events and resources to build the unique skills required to plan, build and run a digital era organisation.

Complementing established management education programmes, our focus includes expanding the ability of leaders to

  • assimilate the digital-enabled possibilities for their organisations in the future,
  • comprehend the changes taking place in their ecosystems,
  • conceive opportunities for their organisations to exploit new technologies and seize market opportunities,
  • rapidly respond and react to changing circumstances,
  • manage and exploit the value of experimentation, and
  • orchestrate effective technology-enabled organisational transformation.

Current programmes include the ISO 38500 Foundation course and the DLI will develop customised, high quality education where required.

Expert Services

Organisations can access the skills and services of tested and trusted DLI specialists. This expert service portfolio focuses on:

  • Governance of the Digital Journey, including governance of business capability and governance of IT.
  • Assistance in the formulation of strategy for the Digital Journey.
  • Review of strategies for the Digital Journey.
  • Support for strategy execution and assessment of strategy effectiveness.
  • Health checks of IT governance and major projects.
  • Review of key outsourcing arrangements.


Digital Era leaders need to be equipped to direct and monitor the digital adaptation and performance of their organisations, and to guide and mentor their managers, rather than being left second-guessing the validity of direction and actions taken by subordinates. Senior executive focused, leading edge insights, coupled with peer interaction, provide a powerful combination.

DLI will use TED-style presentations, wherever possible, to combine energetic, brief and impactful insight with practical application.

Board and Governance Committee Members

The DLI provides referrals to members who are expert in governance and digital transformation for  Independent Board and Committee seats.

Licenced Resources

In an increasingly interconnected and complex world, standards and methodologies are a proven means of maximising compatibility, performance and effectiveness of products, services and practices.

Many of the current standards, governance and process frameworks were designed for an earlier era. The DLI has a library of digital-era resources, developed through our joint expertise and broad engagement in developing best-practice for digital business.


Research of the marketplace to learn and communicate the keys to success in Digital Leadership and Digital Transformation. The DLI will collaborate in academic research and act as a clearing house for research, insight and commentary emanating from credible organisations such as universities and major commercial consulting houses. For more on Digital Leadership Institute research, click here.


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