Research of the marketplace to learn and communicate the keys to success in Digital Leadership and Digital Transformation. The DLI will collaborate in academic research and act as a clearing house for research, insight and commentary emanating from credible organisations such as universities and major commercial consulting houses.

Current Research Focus

To anchor our work, the Digital Leadership Institute has launched an extensive research project, which while centred in the Australian market, will draw insight from global engagement.  Our four-pronged approach uses an online survey, one-on-one interviews, extensive literature reviews and moderated group discussion t to address two fundamental questions:

  • What are the competencies of an effective Digital Leader?
  • How widely are those competencies distributed in the market today?

We’ll run this research for an extended period from mid 2017 to late 2019, analysing slices of the data at periodic intervals.  By these periodic slices and future re-running of the survey component in future years, we expect to establish a measure of progress as more and more leaders consolidate their Digital Leadership competencies.

Please register and participate in this important research project.

For more detail on this initiative, see Digital Leadership Competencies.

Other Research

The Digital Leadership Institute has also undertaken other research recently.

One piece of research was a survey on leadership capabilities which was undertaken by attendees at a recent event held by the Digital Leadership Institute. This event had speakers on the topics of Australian Leadership (Victor Perton) and Digital Leadership (Mark Toomey). The summary results from this survey research may be viewed here.

The Digital Leadership Institute’s web site’s landing page also has a quiz which asks respondents to nominate key competencies of leadership in the digital age.


If you would like to explore any aspect of our work, please feel free to contact Mark Toomey or others in the DLI team:


Thanks for your willingness to participate.  We look forward to your insights.

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