McKinsey believes that Boards need to master a second language—one focused on digital themes in their recent article Five questions Boards should ask about IT in a digital world.

The article goes on to suggest that the following issues are critical to a modern organisation’s future:

  • How well does technology enable the core business?
  • What value is the business getting from its most important IT projects?
  • How long does it take the IT organization to develop and deploy new features and functionality?
  • How efficient is IT at rolling out technologies and achieving desired outcomes?
  • How strong is our supply of next-generation IT talent?

Wow! A blast from the past!

An internal IT organisation that develops and deploys most key functionality and feels that traditional talent management applies in the digital world?

And how long is it since anything that delivered a change to business capability was an IT project?

There are more productive questions that boards and business leaders can ask about digital transformation that require no specialist expertise in technology, and no prior experience in delivering digital transformation.

The Digital Leadership Institute can help leaders understand the changes they might need to make to strategy, processes, organisation and culture to successfully transform. We can also provide support for the journey.

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Digital Era IT: Questions for the Board
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