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  • Join the leading community of digital leaders and practitioners.
  • Build skills and capability to navigate, transform and grow organisations in the digital era.
  • Attend events, in person or virtually, that extend the boundaries of your thinking and networks.
  • Gain access to a library of resources for leading, governing and transforming organisations.
  • Participate in research that will help members and organisations remain at the forefront of the digital revolution.

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Individual Membership

There are three grades of Individual Membership:

Student (SDLI) A member who is engaged in full time study and who does not qualify for any other grade.
Member (MDLI) A member who seeks to build competence and share experience in advancing the use of digital technologies in a business, government, academic, technology or consulting context.
Fellow (FDLI) A member who has recorded substantial achievement in advancing the use of digital technologies in a business, government, academic, technology or consulting context, over a period of at least five years.
Nominations for this grade will be accepted at any time after an initial 12 months of Membership.

Or, a member who has made a substantial contribution to the establishment or success of the Institute.
The Board may grant this category at any time.

Where a member is not resident in Australia a reduced membership fee applies (International Fellow or Member).

For further information Information, please use the Contact Us form in the sidebar, or email us at

Founding Membership

Only 250 places are available for founding members, with an initial $1,000 subscription ($500 x 2 years).

Founding Members are invited to engage in a one-hour personal conversation with the Executive Chair, focused on understanding the issues and opportunities in Digital Leadership and Digital Transformation.

Founding members will be able to use DLI Founding Member (FMDLI)   or DLI Founding Fellow (FFDLI)   for the entire tenure of their membership with the DLI.

Corporate Membership

While the DLI primarily focuses on the needs of its members as individuals, organisations of all types can enrol named individuals at corporate rates.


All prices include GST.

(Member, Fellow or Associate)
Australia: $500 per year
International: $400 per year
Student $250 per year
Corporate as per Standard / International rates.
10% discount for 2-9 nominees.
20% discount for 10+ nominees.

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