What is Digital Leadership

Do you ever talk about Digital Leadership?  What image comes to mind when you use or hear that term?  What do we mean when we talk about a Digital Leader?

The Digital Leadership Institute helps business leaders in all forms of government and enterprise to ensure that their organisations survive and thrive through relentless change that they can only control at the margins.  We do this by helping them to grow their competencies, to assure that they are confident and effective in controlling their organisations journey into and through the digital era.

Many sources offer diverse advice on Digital Leadership, but how does one find a clear and objective definition of the competencies that a Digital Leader needs to build and grow?


Our Digital Leadership Research

To anchor our work, the Digital Leadership Institute has launched an extensive research project, which while centred in the Australian market, will draw insight from global engagement.  Our four-pronged approach uses an online survey, one-on-one interviews, extensive literature reviews and moderated group discussion t to address two fundamental questions:

  • What are the competencies of an effective Digital Leader?
  • How widely are those competencies distributed in the market today?

We’ll run this research for an extended period from mid 2017 to late 2019, analysing slices of the data at periodic intervals.  By these periodic slices and future re-running of the survey component in future years, we expect to establish a measure of progress as more and more leaders consolidate their Digital Leadership competencies.


Your opportunity to contribute

Today, we invite you to join our research, by registering for, and completing our online survey, titled:

“Digital Leadership Competencies and Behaviours 2017”

In this survey, we ask about your general observations of organisations and digital transformation, and observations about one specific organisation of your choice.  We will refer to the latter as Your Organisation.  It may be the one which employs you, a client, a business partner, or any other relationship.

What’s critical in selecting the organisation is that you can accurately and confidently describe the traits of the organisation’s leadership team.

Our survey tool is an example of the powerful resources available at little or no cost in the digital era.  The data is kept in our own environment, and not shared or accessible by others.  By asking each participant to register, we are able to give you flexibility to suspend and resume your response and to revise your answers, until they are locked down.

The survey should take about 30 minutes to complete.  All questions in the main body require a response. If necessary, simply enter N/A or an equivalent.  This gives us the best chance of a coherent data set for analysis.

Please register and participate in this important research project.  To resume a suspended survey or to review your responses, you simply click on that link again.

If you would like to explore any aspect of our work, please feel free to contact me or others in the DLI team.

Enquiries: research@dlinst.com

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