“Surprisingly 65 per cent of Australian businesses leaders say their organisation is in denial about the need to digitally transform processes or services, yet 90 per cent see digital transformation as important or critical,” said Craig Law, MD of Progress Australia and New Zealand.

The obvious question to ask is, “So what can we do about that?”

The survey analysis offers some clues:

  • There’s a problem if IT is the main decision maker for digital transformation.
  • Many businesses think “customer interactions” when they think “digital”.
    Beauty needs to be more than skin deep. “The entire supply chain + support activities” would be a more appropriate digital transformation scope (see Michael Porter’s classic Supply Chain Model).
  • If senior executives cite “lack of leadership” as a key issue, there’s another problem!

The journey  won’t always be easy – or everyone would have already made it.

There are questions that boards and business leaders can ask about digital transformation that require no specialist expertise in technology, and no prior experience in delivering digital transformation.

The DLI can assist in helping diverse organisations understand the changes they might need to make to strategy, processes, organisation and culture to successfully transform; and provide support for the journey.

Digital Advice Discussions prepared by the DLI provide rapid access to contemporary thought leadership, with a summary, discussion and follow-up recommendations for boards and leadership teams.

Members can access a more detailed discussion on this topic.

Original article: A little late… digital message hits home

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