The Fitbit. It reads your pulse and steps, and reminds you when you need to be more active. Clever, but limited as wearable technology.

Along comes the Nadi X-Pants – a wearable lycra yoga coach.

Using five motion sensors woven into strategic points of the garment, it gently vibrates indicating how to correct a lopsided yoga pose. The vibrations feel like fingers gently tapping on the skin, telling the wearer which way to move. If the series of taps move from left to right, then that’s the direction to move that part of your body.

Why is this so revolutionary?

Not because of the sensors – which are used in everything from drones to game controllers.

It is revolutionary because a high-level skill, in this case a key element of yoga coaching, has been translated into an intuitive sense-compute-feedback cycle using wearable technologies.

While the initial application is for yoga, it could readily be applied to any sport or physiotherapy coaching that focuses on leg position and movement. I think that classifies it as a huge lunge forward in the world of wearable technologies.

We can only hope to see more smart clothes that move beyond novelty items and actually make a difference to our lives.

Coaching pants – a first in wearable technology
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