Many organisations still seem to rely on technologists and technology enthusiasts to navigate a passage through Digital Disruption.

However, long-term experience of technology-enabled change shows that the critical success factor is the visible ability of the organisational leadership to set the agenda, and to maintain the conditions in which the organisation can survive and thrive through disruptive change.

Digital Transformation is as much about business models, markets, practices, structures and behaviours as it is about technology – it involves fundamental rethinking of business, not just adding on something extra to present a ‘digital option’.

How do you build your knowledge and capability, and access support to confidently lead your organisation through Digital Transformation while the business ecosystem is also changing?

  • We equip brave leaders to drive digital transformation, regardless of their own level of IT knowledge.
  • We empower digital leadership in business, in government, in academia.
  • We work with new and established organisations, dedicated as much to stay-ups as start-ups.


The Digital Leadership Institute builds the confidence and capability of Australia’s business and government leaders to lead and govern the change demanded by the evolving digital economy.

We do this to promote the sustainability and success of Australian enterprise and to enhance the quality of life for the Australia community in an increasingly volatile world.


We look to Australia being recognised as a global leader in the effective use of Digital Era technologies, in all sectors of the economy, delivering positive outcomes for citizens and the global community.

We look to a future in which many pre-digital organisations (stay-ups) survive and thrive alongside numerous digital disruptors (start-ups).

We intend that the Digital Leadership Institute is recognised as a vital ongoing contributor to Australia’s successful journey into the Digital Era.


  • We lead by example
  • We share and support
  • We engage in open and honest dialogue using plain and concise language
  • We cooperate, not compete
  • We are authoritative, not arrogant
  • We are respectful of all views


Mark Toomey
Mark Toomey
Founder and Executive Chair

Mark began developing the concepts for the Digital Leadership Institute in 2012. He commenced his professional career in 1977 and since 2001 has focused almost exclusively on helping organisations govern their use of technology, as an advisor to boards and top business executives.

He has chaired the Standards Australia committee responsible for standards in Governance and Management of IT and he served as the Project Editor for the development of the first ISO standard on Governance of IT, ISO 38500.

Mark’s 2009 book Waltzing with the Elephant is acclaimed as the most accessible and comprehensive guide for non-technologists who need to direct the use of IT.


As a membership based, digital era organisation, the DLI is being established by its members, using tools and methods of the digital era.

We are establishing working groups to plan and deliver the essential capabilities of the DLI. Each working group focuses on delivering a specific measurable outcome through the collaborative efforts of a small, agile group of Founding Members and Founding Fellows. Members are assigned to working groups on the basis of availability and expertise.

To ensure long term consistency with member expectations, the DLI will evolve its working group model to retain substantial member engagement in all future developments, with professional staff also employed to assist as and when appropriate.

If you are interested in helping establish and develop the DLI, please contact us.

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